Premarital Counseling


Preparing for your marriage should ideally be approached with the same level of investment as planning your wedding. The wedding phase of your relationship, including the planning and honeymoon, may last about a year; your marriage is designed to last a lifetime. So when I work with engaged couples, I want to give them the best possible odds to experience not just the satisfaction of a lifelong marriage (or second marriage), but a marriage that is full of respect, joy and confidence. I approach premarital education and premarital counseling from three angles.

The first is to teach engaged couples core communication and relationship skills that research has demonstrated are effective at helping couples learn how to have a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. The second is to help couples explore core issues that any couple inevitably will have to deal with: finances, children, extended family and in-law issues, challenges around planning the wedding, and fidelity to the marriage. The third is to share with couples what I regard to be the core values that make for a successful and fulfilling marriage because they help the couple make the transition from “you and me” to “us.” So if you are ready to invest in your marriage, I am available to help you have the best possible marriage you can have. 

Engaged couples interested in taking a premarital inventory as part of their premarital counseling are invited to take the Couple Check-Up at The results of the inventory can then be incorporated into the premarital counseling.