Meet Dr. Rob Scuka


Dr. Rob Scuka is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) in the state of Maryland and has been meeting the diverse and complex needs of couples, families and individuals for over 23 years. Dr. Rob takes a holistic approach that simultaneously takes into account the uniqueness of each individual and the relationship context within which each person is living his or her life. Dr. Rob also is committed to creating a safe atmosphere within which individuals, couples and families can do the important work of self-exploration and mutual exploration of their primary relationships in a manner that leads to a deeper sense of connection, satisfaction and fulfillment. Finally, Dr. Rob is committed to helping people learn practical skills that will enable them to create the kind of relationships they are longing to have.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Rob is Executive Director of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® (NIRE) in Bethesda, MD, a non-profit educational organization that provides training to mental health professionals as well as clinical services and educational workshops to the general public such as the Mastering the Mysteries of Love weekend workshop. Dr. Rob is a member of NIRE’s training faculty and certified as a trainer and supervisor in Relationship Enhancement (RE) Therapy, the RE Program and Child-Centered Play Therapy. (For more information about NIRE’s training and certification programs, its clinical services or its educational workshops, please visit

Dr. Rob is recognized nationally and internationally for the passionate engagement he brings to his professional training workshops, conference presentations and workshops for the general public. Dr. Rob has been invited to be the keynote speaker and has led church retreats for married and engaged couples. In the past, Dr. Rob presented numerous times at the annual Smart Marriages Conference (no longer in existence). Please see Speaking for information about Dr. Rob’s availability for speaking engagements.

Dr. Rob is the author of numerous articles and the book Relationship Enhancement Therapy: Healing Through Deep Empathy and Intimate Dialogue, published by Routledge. Please see Publications for more information. Dr. Rob has been interviewed numerous times for newspaper and magazine articles as well as on radio and television. Please see Media for more information.

Dr. Rob has a Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from the University of Maryland School of Social Work (1994) and served as an adjunct faculty there for three years. Dr. Rob also regularly presents continuing education workshops for social workers and other mental health professionals at various professional graduate schools, including University of Maryland at Baltimore, Catholic University, Adelphi University, Bryn Mawr University, Rutgers University, SUNY at Buffalo and University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rob is licensed as a clinical social worker in the state of Maryland.

Dr. Rob has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Southern Methodist University (1987) and taught philosophy, theology and religious studies for nine years at American University and Georgetown University, both in Washington, D.C. Dr. Rob’s training and teaching experience in these areas, as well as his own personal spiritual journey, inform his clinical work in a manner that deepens his insight into people’s values and the struggles they experience both personally and in their most important relationships. Dr. Rob is committed to helping people come to a deeper understanding of themselves and their core values in a manner that helps them live their lives more authentically, both for themselves and in relationship to others. Dr. Rob has worked with many inter-religious couples to help them work through the challenges of coming from different faith traditions.



Dr. Rob is recipient of The 2008 Bernard and Louise F. Guerney Award for Outstanding Contributions to Practice and Training in Relationship Enhancement Methods, sponsored by the Association for Filial and Relationship Enhancement Methods.

Professional Affiliations


• Association for the Advancement of Filial and Relationship Enhancement Methods – Founding Board Member (2003), Vice-President 2003-2005, President 2005-2007, Past President 2007-2008

• National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists - since 2005

• Therapist Directory of Modern Commitment - since 2017

• National Association of Social Workers – since 1993

• Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work – since 1994

• Stepfamily Association of America – Professional Affiliate beginning 1998 (no longer in existence)

• Association for Play Therapy – 1994-2017

• Maryland/DC Association for Play Therapy – since 1994, Board Member 1997-1998